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MoreData : un software freeware per gestire in modo centralizzato le informazioni testuali contenute nelle immagini

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Blog is relocated: go here

blog is relocated here

SecureFileTransfer 1.1 Beta

Released SecureFileTransfer 1.1 beta go here for installer ,info, add comments etc.etc.

SecureFileTransfer 1.0 Beta released

Released SecureFileTransfer 1.0 beta go here for installer ,info, add comments etc.etc.

Manuale introduttivo di SecureFileTransfer (0.7 alpha)

Manuale di SecureFileTransfer :
Cosa fà questo programma :
permette di trasmettere files in modo sicuro, chi li intercetti non è in grado di risalire ai dati in chiaro
Come lo fà:
attraverso la comunicazione tra due computer,su entrambi deve essere presente securefiletransfer (freeware ,opensource under new bsd license) uno dei quali genera una coppia di chiavi di [...]

SecureFileTransfer 0.5 alpha

some other bug deleted ,here sources and executable


Here you can find an antivirus collection and how to work an antivirus ,
and here you can find a good comparison of antiviris(italian language) ,
here a definition of “heuristic algorithm” which together with the signature files are the two main methods used by antivirus for finding computer viruses

Another blog

Here just anotther blog

FootPrint ,calculate the hash of a file

Here you can find an absolutely freeware FootPrint software

SecureFileTransfer 0.4 alpha

SecureFileTransfer 0.4 alpha is out ,
I fixed some errors, but others remain, if anyone wants test the software here is the project executable and sources

SecureFileTransfer 0.3 alpha is released

SecureFileTransfer 0.3 alpha released :
-you can use this version only over a secure intranet
-this software have like purpose sending and receiving files in a secure mode using only http
go here for info and downloads
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