Here is an OCR with free and unlimited user license ‘as is’ (see License for details), which is useful for capturing text and export text to other applications, to achieve a satisfactory result depends on the image quality, in most cases from a good quality image without graphics outside the main document, the result is excellent, often for use of taggatura the result is acceptable starting from screenshots of the screen.

The program is a software generally suited to cataloging images with text content.

Functional features:

- The program allows you to analyze an image file and extract the text content (fig 1)

- The program allows you to save the extracted text into a text file with a click (fig2)

- The program also allows for more text capture ‘images at once, for example, you may want to analyze all the images under the directory “FaxRicevuti” or “Bill” in one step

-The program allows you to search the wealth of images analyzed: There is a search function with which you can find out which images you analyzed using the software contain a certain word, you will be returned in a grid list of images that satisfies this condition, the negative results of the research is not to say with absolute certainty that the word is not present in the image because the software may not be able to retrieve it successfully (fig3)

-The program allows potential but not necessarily to select a level of accuracy that can improve the outcome in case you want to use this feature you can change the value in combobox from low to another value, or enter a value manually council values between 70 and 160 This function can avoid having to crop the image to cut out irrelevant as long as boundary elements in another language or do not consist of words made sense unclear or graphically, the characteristic is prealpha and users are invited to post any problems as Article comments with a minimum of description

-if you care to see the original image corresponding to the words you can open it by clicking the “open image”, will open the image corresponding to the row you selected in the grid of results (just click on a row to select it)

-The program supports English and French and Italian can also get a lot of text from documents in other languages as long as use Western characters

-the software does not write any registry key on your computer does not require installation.

How to use:

1) Download the file by following the download link, dezippate all in a directory of your choice, this will be the working directory of the program,

2) to run the program by clicking on the executable file MoreDataEvolution.exe this will open the graphical interface of the program, for your convenience you may create a link on the desktop moredataevolution.exe executable, right click on file moredataevolution.exe>>> send a>>> Desktop (create shortcut)

Requirements and warnings:

-the software for its operation requires the presence on your PC. NET Framework 3.5 is free software, put the words “. NET Framework 3.5″ highlighted in a search engine to find it where it is not already on your machine, the application requires a resolution of 1280 * 1024 or higher.

-l ‘use of the program requires the user to make a backup of the data that will analyze the program

-all the files you find inside the zip after being dezippati must remain within the same directory of your choice.

For suggestions, bug reports or any other please email the author., Where you can attach the file log_more_data,

Features techniques with the software consists of two executables, one that manages the user interface called MoreDataEvolution.exe and one called ConsoleRunner.exe that manages the images, thanks to an efficient wrapper uses the Tesseract engine, Google’s open-source project originally developed by HP.

You can send errors and feature requests as comments to this article.

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