SecureFileTransfer is a program to make transferring files over the ’simple and efficient as possible.
The major energy parameters (or at least some of them) that can be considered for the transfer of files are:

a) verifying identity on the remote server to prevent anyone from diverting packets pretending to be the target server

b) the confidentiality of the password, how to prevent access by unauthorized users

c) the confidentiality agreement as the need for the data even if the subject does not allow sniffing to steal information, this is done through encryption

d) the integrity of data transmitted or is necessary to ensure that data are not altered during transmission so that the recipient has or genuine data that were transmitted by the transmitter

e) the ability to transfer both text and binary files

f) simplicity, automaticity and efficiency of the transfer process

SecureFileTransfer wants to try to give an acceptable response to these needs.
Many technologies exist for the file transfer, to name a few:

- FTP: how effective performance but with clear data and then requesting a separate process of encryption

Protocol-sftp (where s means SSH or Secure Shell file transfer program): this ensures that the password is encrypt data

-IPSec provides security and integrity of data over an IP network but is problematic when you moved from a NAT device (from a node, a router) that does not support ipsec

-Ftps (FTP using TLS (Transport Layer Security)): tls is better known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and is used for secure transactions over HTTP ie https, add password encryption and authentication server.

The characteristics of alpha SecureFileTransfer 0.1 are:

- Password chosen by the user application to store application data encrypted

- Use http protocol

- Pre-compression transmission, post transmission decompression using gzip (GNU zip) run application level

- Protection of symmetric keys

- Transmission of encrypted data using Rinjadel

- Encryption on the local list username and password in server mode

- Local encryption of data list of connections in client mode

- Use of virtual qwerty to protect itself from any keyloggers when entering data via keyboard

SecureFileTransfer 0.1 alpha can be used in a secure intranet, this first version is not suitable to use on Internet

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